Monday, 8 February 2016

{ Miss Milly } collaboration with { Mini Me & You }

The month of February is not only the month of love but it is also the month in which Miss Milly collaborates with Mini Me & You to bring you a hand crafted set of wooden cake toppers and a teeny tiny wooden house for them!

Mini Me & You creates beautiful cake toppers from wooden dowel sticks to replicate the bride and groom! From the details on the bride's wedding dress to the groom's height... all carefully created by my friend Christi from Mini Me & You.

Once the wedding is over, you can display them in a teeny tiny wooden Miss Milly doll house. It is the perfect size for your love!

For the month of February you can order your customised wooden cake toppers + a wooden doll house for only R550!

Send an email to or

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

dear { january } 2016

Dear January,

Thank you for:

* control
* 2016
* washi tape cake flags
* washi tape rosettes
* miss milly & the woodpecker love houses
* bergbruidjie

{ control }
My word for 2016.
God is in control.
Inspired by Casey Wiegand ( find her over here: )

{ 2016 }
Here's to a new year!
New ideas. New things.

{ washi tape cake flags }
These popular pretties will make an appearance at Ideas Trunkshow too! They turn any cupcake or cake into a dream!

{ washi tape rosettes }
Aren't these just too cute? They look adorable on a gift!


{ miss milly & the woodpecker love houses }
I can't get over these sets of wooden houses! They are all packaged with lots of love and ribbon and ready for Ideas Trunkshow.

{ bergbruidjie }
I ordered something very special for myself and my friend Elmien (whom is helping me at my stall at Ideas Trunkshow from 4 - 6 March at Gallagher estate, Midrand) from Bergbruidjie. { Just be patient as all will be revealed then! } I just love the pretty packaging and the beautiful logo. So much attention to detail!