Monday, 9 March 2015

{ international women's } day

International women's day.
The day that celebrates "the economic, political and social achievements of women, past, present and future."

Miss Milly changed it slightly.

Because I would like to celebrate ladies that have inspired me.

They have filled me to the brim to be creative. They have gently nudged me to look into corners of myself to find creativity. They have made me look at creativity with different eyes. They made it happen for me!

Here's to you ladies! Thank you for the inspiration!

{ roxy from city girl searching }

{ who is roxy? }
Roxy is a twenty-something South African living in Buan, South Korea with her husband. She is a lifestyle / beauty / all things pretty blogger. I love how she describes her blog: "But the name of this blog is CityGirlSearching, I can never be certain where exactly my searching may lead."

{ why roxy? }
Roxy's blog is prettiness overload in all it's forms. The magic about following a blog is to see how it develops over time. I look back at Miss Milly and my initial photographs make me hide my head in shame... when I look at them these days they are not there yet, but they have certainly come a long way... When I look at Roxy's blog, there is just so much to learn from her they way she styles her stationery photographs.

{ social media }
facebook: CityGirlSearching
instagram: RoxyHutton

{ nadia from nadia vd mescht creative business development studio }

{ who is nadia? }
Nadia lives in Durban and runs a Creative Business Development Studio. In her own words: "I teach and assist entrepreneurs to shape and build a successful business that can compete in an ever changing world."

{ why nadia? }
Nadia's blog is inspiration from beginning to end. And everywhere in between! She is not only a creative consultant but also a crafter at heart and she wraps the prettiest parcels and styles photographs to make anyone green with envy! I always look at her Instagram feed for some inspiration when taking photographs but alas... it is going to take more practice! Loads more :) One day when I am grown-up I will attend one of her Creative business workshops!

{ social media }
facebook: nadiavdmescht
instagram: nadiavdmescht

{ caitlyn from caitlyn de beer life coaching }

{ who is caitlyn? }
Caitlyn is a Life & Career Coach and in her own words: "wife, happiness-seeker, blogger, Jesus-follower, runner, traveler, beach-lover and adrenalin junkie."

{ why caitlyn? }
Caitlyn's blog and Facebook page oozes a positive attitude and motivation and you never leave it without having hope in your heart. It is always a pick-me up to go to her page, watch her vlogs or read on her blog and you feel ready to embrace life again! Her words: "I have the utmost belief that if you were given the right tools, asked the right questions and had someone to believe in YOU {your ideas, plans, dreams or those yet to be discovered} that you could & will live a life you LOVE."

{ social media }
facebook: Caitlyn de Beer Life Coaching
instagram: caitlyndebeer

{ kaRi from lovilee }

{ who is kaRi? }
KaRi from Lovilee was looking for a creative outlet where "she could inspire others and share her ideas and finds" and that is how the Lovilee blog was born! And my oh my! Does she inspire. There is something for everyone: from a bride-to-be to a mommy-to-be and all sorts and forms of creativity.

{ why kaRi? }
The Lovilee blog is KaRi and KaRi is the Lovilee blog! The blog is filled with inspiration from side to side and from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you close them again at night, there is just inspiration every where! I admire how she manages to keep it fresh and different every single day. There is just always an out of the box idea or something new!

{ social media }
facebook: Lovilee
instagram: lovileedsigns

{ mariaan from {home of creative brands} }

{ who is mariaan? }
Mariaan is a designer and photographer and the founder of She is also the one half of Picture U & Me. In her own words: "Creativity is my passion and I love creating and making pretty stuff for cool people."

{ why mariaan? }
Because Mariaan and her team at makes "pretty stuff for cool people" - I mean what more is there to say? I can never get enough of the prettiness that is and always feel inspired by how the products are styled and just the "stuff" that they come up with! The way they put together their prettiness to showcase during a market is also something that you can look at again and again!

{ social media }
facebook: ilovemstudio
instagram: mstudio

Then the friends that are business owners!

{ rachelle from oulik }

{ why rachelle? }
Rachelle has a heart of gold. And pink and all the pretty colours of the rainbow. She always compliments and encourages leading up to a Tierlantyn'kies Kuier & Koopfees market! And to top it off, she makes pretty pretty things too!

{ social media }
facebook: Oulik

{ elmien from owl & fox }

{ why elmien? }
I have no words to describe Elmien and how she inspires me. On so many levels! But if you open the dictionary and look for the word {inspire}, you will sure find her beautiful face there. She is not only an inspiration but MY { person }. And yes! She actually sells pretty woodland character thingies too...

{ social media }
facebook: Owl & Fox

{ littish from bella & me }

{ why littish? }
Littish is the gentle soul behind Bella & Me and one day when I have babies, they will have something from Bella & Me. Real pretty goodies for tiny and little people and to top if off, she also takes such pretty pictures!

{ social media }
facebook: Bella & Me

{ anje-ilana from through the rabbit hole }

{ why anje-ilana? }
The lady takes the prettiest of pretty pictures and is blessed with an incredible talent! I always hop over to her Facebook page to see what she has captured through her lens!

{ social media }
facebook: Through the Rabbit Hole

{ followers of miss milly's page }
What can I say? How could this post, possibly be complete without YOU? The loyal likes, lovers, followers and groupies of my Miss Milly! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me daily to continue making the pretties that are Miss Milly!

And last but not least! Thank you to the Creator. The One true Creative. For blessing me daily with Your Creativeness!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

dear { February }

Dear February,

Thank you for:

* vintage floral washi tape pegs
* washi tape earrings
* lovilee
* boy & girl washi tape brooches
* wooden brooches
* washi tape wooden cutlery
washi tape brooches

{ vintage floral washi tape pegs }
These vintage floral washi tape pegs are perfect for everything! From keeping your bits & bobs together to decorating gifts!

{ washi tape earrings }
I am full steam busy with preparing for Tierlantyn'kies Kuier & Koopfees at the end of March and these pretty washi tape earrings will be available!

{ lovilee }
Last month Miss Milly featured on the lovilee inspirational blog Lovilee { read the original post here }. And to say thank you to the lovilee KaRi for featuring Miss Milly I made her some pretties.

{ boy & girl washi tape brooches }
These washi tape brooches with the boy and girl are everyone's favorite and they come in grey, cream, blue and pink! And they were perfect for the month of love!

{ wooden brooches }
The new wooden brooch designs are out and ready for their new homes! I call them the doily brooches because of their shape. The designs available are: owl, bunny, squirrel, bunny and swallow. These whimsical characters all walk with their hearts on their chests and it can either be plain burnt or painted.

{ washi tape wooden cutlery }
The washi tape wooden cutlery are perfect for a picnic or party! I just love the vintage floral design combined with this napkin!

{ washi tape brooches }
Brooches! Brooches! Brooches! Everywhere! These pretties in vintage floral washi tape as well as other lovely washi tape designs will be available at the end of March at Tierlantyn'kies Kuier & Koopfees!